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2018-04-05 Activity Report
Report on seminars and cooking experiences of Japanese rice and Japanese packaged rice in China
2018-02-20 Events guide
Implement a promotion business for Japanese rice and Japanese packaged rice in China
2017-12-28 Activity Report
Booth exhibition at the Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception
2017-11-14 Events guide
Exhibiting at the Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception
2017-11-09 Events guide
Japanese rice event in Hong Kong (matching event / restaurant fair)
2017-10-02 Activity Report
Singapore rice cracker promotion report
2017-09-15 Events guide
Conduct rice crackers distribution promotion event in Singapore
2017-09-06 Activity Report
Participation in Hong Kong Food Expo 2017
2017-08-15 Events guide
For Chinese tourists visiting Japan on a cruise ship Promotion of Japanese packaged rice
2017-08-07 Events guide
Exhibit at『Hong Kong Food Expo 2017』 and conduct seminars
2017-07-24 Activity Report
Demonstration at a Japanese ingredients tasting event in Shanghai
2017-07-14 Events guide
Participation in a Japanese food tasting event in Shanghai
2017-07-03 Activity Report
Exhibited at 『VINEXPO 2017 VORDEAUX』in Bordeaux France
2017-06-15 Events guide
Participation the promotion in Bordeaux France
2017-06-08 Activity Report
Conduct seminars at『THAIFEX 2017』
2017-05-31 Events guide
Exhibited at JAPAN Pavilion booth at “THAIFEX 2017”
2017-05-10 Activity Report
Held an exchange meeting for the Ambassador’s residence in Beijing
2017-05-01 Events guide
Exhibiting booth at the exchange meeting of the Beijing Ambassador’s official residence
2017-03-20 Activity Report
Report on the experience of Chinese rice experience
2017-03-15 News
2016 Japanese rice and processed rice export handbook (15 countries and regions survey)

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