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2017-02-28 Activity Report
Report on Singapore Recipe Contest
2017-02-22 Events guide
Recipe contest hold in Singapore
2017-02-14 Activity Report
Report of the Japan Festival in Davos, Switzerland
2017-01-25 Activity Report
Recipe contest hold in Canada
2017-01-20 Activity Report
Promotion report in North America
2017-01-06 Events guide
Japanese rice and rice-related product promotion event and recipe competition in North America
2016-12-20 Events guide
Distribution and promotion business of Japanese cooked rice packs targeting Chinese tourists
2016-12-15 Events guide
Seminar related to「Kosher」
2016-11-30 Activity Report
Gurunavi Shanghai 11th Anniversary Strategy Summit Booth
2016-11-28 Activity Report
Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception Beijing Booth Exhibition Report
2016-11-25 Activity Report
Beijing “ANUFOOD China 2016” Seminar Project Report
2016-11-12 Events guide
Exhibit at “GURUNAVI Shanghai” 11th Anniversary Strategy Sharing Summit
2016-11-11 Activity Report
Shanghai booth exhibition business report [Consulate-General of Japan in Shanghai]
2016-11-10 Activity Report
Exhibited FHC CHINA 2016, one of the largest trade fairs in China (in Shanghai)
2016-11-05 Events guide
Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception Beijing Booth Exhibition Report
2016-11-02 Events guide
Booth exhibition at Beijing Food Trade Fair “ANUFOOD China 2016”
2016-11-01 Events guide
Booth exhibition at FHC CHINA 2016, the largest food trade fair in China
2016-10-31 Events guide
Tasting party for Japanese rice and rice related products in major cities in China
2016-10-25 Events guide
Booth at a Japanese product exhibition / consultation meeting at the Japanese Consulate General
2016-10-19 Activity Report
Report on seminar business in New York

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