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Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception Beijing Booth Exhibition Report

JRE is planning promotional events in major cities in China to stimulate demand for Japanese rice and rice products in the country.
We aim to contribute to stimulating demand and expansion of distribution channels in China by exhibiting Japanese rice, sake, rice crackers, and cooked rice packs at this reception where a number of Chinese government officials, foreign diplomats, and Japanese expats in China participate.

Event name: The Emperor’s Birthday reception
Dates: 2016.11.22(Tue) 11:30-13:30 (*Doors open at 11:00)
Venue: Embassy of Japan in China No.1 Liangmaqiao Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Venue URL http://www.cn.emb-japan.go.jp/index_j.htm
Purpose: To stimulate demand for Japanese rice and rice products on the Chinese market
Content: 1. Display and promotion of Japanese rice, cooked rice packs, and rice crackers.
2. Promoting the understanding of tools for Japanese rice products through presentations

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