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Recipe contest hold in Singapore

Recipe contest hold in Singapore

JRE is engaged in strengthening promotional activities for Japanese rice and rice-related products. As one such initiative, on Friday, February 24 it will hold a recipe contest entitled “From Humble Grain to Greatness: A New Cuisine Summit Inspired by Japanese Rice” for the purpose of enhancing demand for rice and rice-related products in the Singapore market by developing recipes that match local tastes.

Event name: From Humble Grain to Greatness:A New Cuisine Summit Inspired by Japanese Rice
Dates: 2017.02.24(Fri) 15:00~
Venue: Plaza Singapura
Plaza Singapura, 68, Orchard Road Singapore 238839
Purpose: To promote sales of Japanese rice and rice-related products overseas by proposing new cooking methods and eating approaches that match local needs overseas and making Japanese rice and rice-related products topical and more familiar, in order to promote understanding for and cultivate interest in them locally.
Content: A contest event will be held for nominated professional chefs who run local restaurants to come up with recipes that use Japanese rice, rice crackers and sake. Along with nominated expert judges drawn from local food-related industries and the media, votes will also be gathered from general participants, and the winners of the respective prizes will be determined based on the votes of the expert judges and general participants. In addition to asking that the recipes developed by the contestants are offered at the contestants’ restaurants, JRE will promote the recipes broadly via local media. It will also extensively disseminate information on stores and restaurants where JRE members’ products can be purchased to the contest participants and the local media.
Contest invitees Local food-related businesses and food-related media (around 10 companies)
(influencers who transmit information via SNS (such as bloggers and Instagrammers) will be invited with the goal of spreading information).
Recipe development demonstrator and judge
Chris Millar

Executive chef at Stellar, a renowned restaurant at 1-Altitude in Singapore.
Chef Millar creates modern recipes and has an established reputation for unique dishes that somehow all feature one ingredient in a lead role while capitalizing on ingredients and texture.

Contest participants
Jennifer Lee

Head chef at VASCO in Singapore’s Hong Kong Street.
Chef Lee was selected as a finalist in the EatListStar cooking contest.
For the past 12 years she has accumulated experience in Australia, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere.

Han Li Guang

A pioneer in developing a new style of cooking known as neo Singapore cuisine.
Chef Han takes familiar Singapore flavors and uses science and modern technologies to express completely new designs.

Javed Ahamad

A chef of Asian cuisine who received WGS’ Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year in 2015.
Chef Javed is also renowned for his unique dishes, including devising Singapore’s first Indian-style champagne brunch and first Ayurveda-based menu.

Jeremy Nguee

Owner/chef of Preparazzi, a high-end catering business that has received numerous awards even in Singapore.
As a cuisine artist and food innovator, Chef Nguee is one of Singapore’s star chefs and one whose popularity is growing. He is at the forefront of the modern Singaporean restaurant industry.

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