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Booth exhibition at the 2nd China International Import Expo “CIIE 2019”

China International Import Expo, May Xi Jinping China Jintao 2017 was held in Beijing in the “zone Ichiro” International Cooperation Summit Forum, announced the holding, strengthening of economic exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world, of the world It was held for the purpose of encouraging trade and economic growth, and promoting an open-type global economic development. The first meeting was held successfully last year.

In order to host the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE), a publicity booth will be set up in the “Japan Pavilion” and will be co-sponsored by JETRO.
This PR booth will distribute tastings, tastings, leaflets, etc., centered on Japanese rice, and will promote the products of the companies exhibiting at the Japan Pavilion.

Event name: 2nd China International Import Expo `` CIIE 2019 ''
Dates: 2019.11.05(Tue) 〜 2019.11.10(Sun) 9:00~18:00
Venue: National Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
No.333 Aisawa Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Venue URL https://www.ciie.org/zbh/en/19SER/exSER/traffic/
Purpose: Increasing demand for Japanese rice and rice-related products in the Chinese market
Content: 1. Assumed to be an exhibition PR, tasting and tasting of Japanese rice, packed rice and sake
2. Promoting understanding through explanation of Japanese rice-related products
Exhibition URL: https://www.ciie.org/zbh/en/
Remarks Last year, the first event was attended by 3,617 companies from 151 countries and regions, and more than 450 companies from Japan. The event was successfully held with more than 400,000 buyers and an estimated total value of $ 57.83 billion.
This year, we will co-host the Japan Pavilion's public information booth with JETRO, and plan to promote the products exhibited at the Japan Pavilion.

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