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Conduct rice crackers distribution promotion event in Singapore

Conduct rice crackers distribution promotion event in Singapore
We are working to strengthen promotion activities for Japanese rice and rice-related foods.
In order to promote the distribution of rice confectionery (arare, okaki, rice crackers etc, ), a matching event (BtoB) and a consumer event (BtoC) will be held from September 22 to 23 in Singapore, the Asian transmission base.
Event name: Japanese Rice Snack Fair ー Rice and Shine ー
Dates: 2017.09.22(Fri) 〜 2017.09.23(Sat) Sep.22(Fri)14:00 ~ 17:00 (B to B)・Sep.23(Sat)12:00 ~ 18:00 (B to C)
Sep.22 (Fri) Park Royal on Pickering (B to B)
Sep.23 (Sat) ChinaTown Point (B to C)
Purpose: In order to raise awareness of distributors, retailers and general consumers about Japanese rice confectionery, we will conduct business matching and events utilizing commercial facilities.

Promoting understanding and interest in Japanese rice confectionery by appealing to both industry and general consumers, leading to sales promotion.
Content: On the 22nd, it will attract customers who already handle Japanese foods such as rice confectionery from distributors(For home dose retailers, commercial foods, ingredients, beverage wholesalers, etc.) and retailers(Supermarkets, convenience stores, glossary stores, etc.).
A one-to-one business matching will be implemented after exchanging information about the characteristics of Japanese rice confectionery and needs in Singapore.

On 23rd,In Singapore, where foreign rice confectionery is mainstream, targeting younger people with relatively high demand for rice confectionery and middle-aged people with high health consciousness. that hold events such as demonstrations, tastings and presentations.
Participating companies: AMANOYA Co., Ltd.
BonChi Co., Ltd.
Zenkoku Beika Kogyo Kumiai
Distributors: Household retailers, commercial foods, ingredients, beverage wholesalers, etc.
Retailers: Supermarkets, convenience stores, glossary stores, etc.

General consumer
The 23rd, Stage event speakers
Nutritionist Derrick Ong / Eat Right Nutrition Consultancy

Founder of Eat Right Nutrition Consultancy. Singapore Certified Dietitian (ADS). Member of Singapore Nutrition Society (SNDA). President of SNDA's Sports Nutrition Management Community.
Active as Certified Practicing Dietitian (APD) of the Australian Dietetic Association. To be an important opinion leader in the field of nutrition and nutrition in Singapore and to create a state where Singaporeans can live a healthy and high quality life by learning better nutrition knowledge and nutrition knowledge as preventive science I am active every day.

Chef Javed Ahamad / Punjab Grill Corporate chef

Asian chef who won the 2015 WGS Chef of the Year Hospitality Award.
After pursuing the path of cooking from the age of 19 years and continuing efforts and innovation for 15 years, he became a name in the culinary world.
His 12-year chef career in Singapore has influenced his originality of Indian cuisine.
Famous for unique things such as the first Indian-style champagne brunch and the first menu based on Ayurveda.
In addition to Indian cuisine, it has an established reputation for unique dishes from around the world, and has been selected as “50 dishes you want to eat before you die” by IS Magazine ’s.

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