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Support business for Japanese rice and rice-related foods in Vietnam

In order to further promote the appeal of Japanese produced rice and sake in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, JRE will conduct a seminar and business matching session in the New World Saigon Hotel, a top category Ho Chi Minh City hotel.

Event name: Support business for Japanese rice and rice-related foods in Vietnam
Dates: 2016.08.01(Mon)
1. [Booth exhibition]  10:00~17:00
2. [Seminar] Morning session: 10:00 – 11:00 / Afternoon session: 14:00 – 15:00 [twice in total]
3. [Business matching] Morning session: 11:00 – 12:30 / Afternoon session: 15:00 – 16:30 [twice in total]
Venue: New World Saigon Hotel INDOCHINE BALLROOM
Venue URL http://saigon.newworldhotels.com/
Purpose: The promotion and local sales channel expansion of Japanese produced rice and sake
Content: 1. Presentation and sampling of Japanese produced rice, sake and beika
2. Seminar on Japanese produced rice and sake by Japanese food chefs and sake samurai

Speaker1: Masao Nomura
Speaker2: Louis Ho

3. Business matching, joining JRE member companies and local buyers
Participating companies: Butai Agri Innovation. Co.,LTD
Osaka Shoten Inc.
Toyo Rice
Bonchi Co., Ltd.
Morihaku Co.,LTD.
C&D Inc.
Honke Matuura Brewery Co.Ltd
Exhibition URL: http://saigon.newworldhotels.com/

[Brief biography]
Fascinated by Japanese culture and Sake during studies and work in Japan, established the Sake Culture Exchange Association in 2007 to spread Japanese Sake and culture to a wider population. Approximately 1000 Japanese Sake loving members enroll in the association, planning and conducting events and gatherings to enjoy Japanese Sake and appreciate breweries few times a year. A brewery tour in Japan is also planned and conducted annually.Has hugely contributed dispersing the knowledge of Japanese Sake culture in Hong Kong.
1990 – 1994
Started language study in Tokyo, then studied in Mito, Ibaraki for two years
June 2002
Opened Hoka Hoka2004Established Elegant Trade Ltd and started Japanese Sake and Shochu importation business
November 2007
Qualified as the SSI “Kikisake-shi”
December 2007
Established Sake Culture Exchange Association
Qualified as the SSI “Shochu Advisor”
October 2010
Appointed as “Sake Samurai” by “Japan Sake Brewers Association Junior Council”
April 2012
Qualified as SSI “Nihonshugaku-koshi (Master Sake Sommelier)”
May 2012
Apointed as a judge at 2012 IWC Sake Competition

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