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Sake and Japanese rice promotion at Macau Expo

20th Anniversary of Xiamen Special Administrative Region-2019 Macao, Humanity Intangible Cultural Heritage and Booth at the International Exhibition of Ancient Art.
Promotion activities will be held at the Japan booth with the aim of expanding the sales channels of Japanese sake and Japanese rice from local Japanese restaurants.

At the venue, a tasting and tasting booth will be set up in the Japan Pavilion to promote Japanese rice and sake.
During the exhibition, a sushi demonstration will be held at the Japanese rice booth.

Event name: Macau, human intangible cultural heritage and international exhibition of ancient art
Dates: <Sushi Demonstration Schedule>
12/18~20 1st 12:30~ 2nd 14:30~
s/n Estrada da Baja de, Nossa Senhora da Esperanca,Macao SAR, P.R.China
Venue URL https://jp.venetianmacao.com/
Purpose: Expand sales channels for Japanese sake and Japanese rice, mainly from local Japanese restaurants
Content: 1. Exhibited at the International Exhibition of Macau, Intangible Cultural Heritage and Ancient Art.
PR and business negotiations for sake and Japanese rice at the Japan booth on the theme of Japanese food culture and traditional crafts at the International Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Ancient Art.
2. Promote sake for Japanese restaurants in luxury hotels.
3. Sake training for restaurant staff at local promotions.
Participating companies: Ozeki Corporation.
HAKUTSURU SAKE Brewing Co., Ltd.
Kitoku Shinryo Co.,Ltd.
Exhibition URL: http://www.macexhibit.com/index.php?lang=3
Sushi demonstration instructor
Hirotoshi Ogawa

After graduating from Osaka Abeno Mochi Cooking College in 1991, she lived and trained at a long-established store in Tokyo. After that, he studied at many sushi restaurants.
Opened Ogawa Sushi in Tokyo in 2003.
To spread the safe and delicious Japanese sushi culture to the whole world, I will go on the way as a sushi instructor.
International Sushi Knowledge Certification Association [Director / Secretary General]
Nationwide Sushi Knowledge Overseas Certification System Committee [Certified Lecturer]
Appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chiba Sushi Commercial Life Sanitation Association [Standing Director / Technical Chairperson]

Sake training instructor
Tonny Lee

He has been engaged in the sake business for many years at the Hong Kong branch of a major brewing company, and in 1017 he established Shu Gen Washuya Limited.
He speaks Japanese fluently and serves as a bridge between Japan and Hong Kong and is committed to promoting sake and Japanese food.

● Tony will explain the product features, basic knowledge of Japanese sake, and pairing with dishes to the participants at the “Special Dinner Event with Sake Sommelier” held on December 20th from 18:00. Strive to expand the number of sake fans.

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