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2020-09-23 Activity Report
Japanese Rice / Processed Rice Export Handbook (17 countries / regions survey)
2020-09-17 Events guide
Announcement of “Japanese New Year Packaged Rice Gift Fair”
2020-05-12 News
Regarding the promotion of utilization of unused foods caused by new coronavirus infection
2020-05-01 News
Various support systems for SMEs and small businesses affected by new coronavirus infection
2020-04-30 News
Handling of national tax when it is difficult to file and pay due to outbreak of new coronavirus infection
2020-04-14 Activity Report
2nd China International Import Expo “CIIE 2019” and “FHC China 2019” Business Report
2020-04-10 Activity Report
Shanghai Shari Fes (Japanese Rice Examination Board) Business Report
2020-03-23 Activity Report
Macau Expo Sake and Rice Promotion Report
2020-03-10 Activity Report
Implementation report of rice cracker PR business in North America
2020-03-01 Activity Report
Sake PR project implementation report at Guangzhou International Airport CDFG duty free shop
2020-02-28 Activity Report
WORLD FOOD MOSCOW 2019 Japan Pavilion Exhibition Implementation Report
2020-01-31 News
[Notice] Response to UK withdrawal from EU
2020-01-30 Activity Report
Report on the implementation of the Japanese rice menu fair in Hong Kong
2020-01-10 Events guide
Exhibit at Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 and Product Fair in North America
2019-12-17 Activity Report
Report on the 2nd Asian International Sake Contest 2019 SAKE-China
2019-12-13 Events guide
Sake and Japanese rice promotion at Macau Expo
2019-11-01 Events guide
Booth exhibition at FHC China 2019, one of the largest comprehensive food trade fairs in China
2019-10-28 Events guide
Booth exhibition at the 2nd China International Import Expo “CIIE 2019”
2019-10-23 Events guide
Announcement of “2020 Rice” Export Promotion Matching Event
2019-05-10 Events guide
Participate in WORLD FOOD MOSCOW 2019 promotion

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